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Blue Boar bomb and support aircraft

Ed Russell

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Does anyone have pictures in particular (but also further information) about the Blue Boar bomb project. There is a moderately well referenced article on Wikipedia which has been quoted in various web site posts


There are some rough sketches but no photgraphs although one is apparently extant in the Brooklands Museum. Some of the early trials were done at WRE Woomera. It seems from archives that a Meteor was involded in the trials but its function is unclear. A precis of what is known is Meteor NF.11 WM262 was used for trials for the ‘Blue Boar’ weapons system, eqipped with electronic equipment designed and constructed by EMI. It was delivered to the Air Trials Unit at Woomera in December 1953 and allocated the RAAF serial number A77-3. Here it operated as a control aircraft for further Blue Boar trials and high-speed communications between Woomera, Mallala and Edinburgh.

But what did it actually do?  One might assume it tracked the bomb after the Valiant dropped it or maybe it directed the bomb itself?


As an aside Dennis @Corsairfoxfouruncle did a creditable model of it here



and there is a picture of A77-3 here


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