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Arado Ar.234B Update Sets (648687 & 644126) 1:48


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Arado Ar.234B Update Sets (648687 & 644126)

1:48 Eduard Brassin & Löök




Following Hobby 2000’s recent re-release of the Hasegawa plastic of this innovative WWII German jet bomber/reconnaissance aircraft in their boxes, Eduard have released some new sets to help us adding detail to the base model.  We had a look at the first tranche here of sets recently, and now there are a few more for us to drool over.  As usual with Eduard's small Brassin and Löök sets, they arrive in a flat resealable package with their range specific branding, a white backing card protecting the contents and the instructions that are sandwiched between.


Ar.234B Wheels (648687)

Kit wheels are generally in two halves, which means you have the resultant joins to deal with, possible mould-slip issues on single part wheels, and sometimes less than stellar detail due to the moulding limitations of styrene injection technology, especially in the tread department.  That's where replacement resin wheels come in, with their lack of seamline and superior detail making a compelling argument.  They are also usually available at a reasonable price, and can be an easy introduction to aftermarket and resin handling, as they are usually a drop-in replacement.


Inside are three resin wheels on their own casting blocks, with moulded-in hubs plus a set of pre-cut kabuki tape masks (not pictured).  The wheels are all attached to their blocks on their contact patches, with additional wisps of resin supporting the wheel further and helping to reduce the likelihood of air bubbles within the moulds.  These are easily removed with a razor saw and a swipe with a sanding stick that should leave all the crisp diamond tread intact.  They’re a much better detailed drop-in replacement for the kit parts from thereon in, and have no annoying mould seams to deal with.







Ar.234B Löök Cockpit Set (644126)

This combination set of pre-painted resin and Photo-Etch (PE) arrives glued to the backing card, and care must be taken when removing them to avoid bending the PE.  It’s best to separate them using a sharp blade pushed between the parts and the card, then clean up the glue residue from the rear where necessary.  The resin part is cast in very dark grey, with the instrument dials, black bezels and their glossy overcoat printed directly on the resin, giving a highly realistic finish.  It is easily removed from its block by cutting through the delicate fingers that attach the panel, and minimal clean-up should be needed here.  The PE includes a full set of four-point harnesses for the pilot’s seat, together with the comfort pads that glue in place under the buckles.






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