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Tamiya's F-14A (Late Model) with Carrier Launch Set


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..and no I'm not silly enough to start one of these now.....even though I really want too! 🥰


This is just a brief look at Tamiya's latest release, their F-14A Tomcat "Late Model"..... there original F-14A model with new extra good bits!




As soon as I heard this one was coming up for release I just knew I had to have one....seem to have a growing Tomcat addiction.....much like someone's Phantom addiction!


Mine came direct from Japan , via courier for about the same money as I could get one here or a wee bit less.


So the box is about the same size as their F-14D and is backed full of plastic goodness, and straight up you can see it's different form the other 2.




I'll just show you the new bits....sorry camera got too excited as well so things are a bit contrasty! 




The new wing box section, new nose gear, bits for flaps and wee launch man.




new wings and control surfaces




New bit on the side has mid-style wheels (these are similar to those used on the B model) and bombs and slightly different seat pads. The main sprue is from the D model, missing from the other side is the GE.110  exhaust cans




This sprue is completely new as well, has the TARPS Pod and extra bits for a late model F-14A.






he schemes are nice as well, with 2 variations of VF-32 "Swordsmen", and one each for VF-211 "Flying Checkmates" and VF-154 "Black Knights.




plus these "wing sweep wear"decals.... different!




...and finally the "deck". It's just on printed cardboard, but it's been very nicely printed.


So that's the new beast, all the lovely Tamiya bits we all know from their F-14A plus some nice new bits...worth the extra penny....only if you have to have one......or someone who can't help themselves like me. I know this wings are going on a F-14D, a VF-31 bird in her last flight scheme poised for her final launch from USS Theodore Roosevelt March 2006!

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it would be cool if they sold the wings an Nose gear as a separate kit, make it easy and a bit cheaper, to do a "launch" F-14D....... but there again why wouldn't just buy another F-14 model...... I did! :D

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