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FV432 Mk 2/1

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All done.

Here is my latest, an FV432 by S&M Models in 1/72. Built mainly OOB with S&M PE and some added details. The troop compartment was scratch built and various cables, tools, mirrors, aerials were added. Painted with AK and Tamiya paints, kit decals and a little weathering. The 432 was mounted on a base that simulates some training ground, some figures were added and a first for me, is the making of trees.

Nice useful website for images.

Build log here:


















I'd like to thank Dan @Dads203 for helping with the details during this build.

Hope you like.






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1 hour ago, Dads203 said:

Thats a fantastic little build Stuart, turned out really well fella :thumbsup:

Thanks to you Dan, much appreciated.

1 hour ago, Terry1954 said:

Looks great Stuart. Lots of detail in there, very nice.

Cheers Terry. The tracks are from the kit, they're not vinyl, they're injection plastic lengths of track. A few gaps in the track but they were covered up with mud and stuff.



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8 hours ago, Andreas.R said:

A little gem!

The trees and the camo pattern of the uniforms are are really stunning, 

Thanks Andreas. It's a first with the trees and I'm pleased with them. The camo uniforms were a lucky turnout; started with the lighter colour, moving towards the dark and then given a wash with Nuln Oil wash.

6 hours ago, Bullbasket said:

Excellent build Stuart, and really well displayed. Nice work.

Much appreciated John.



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