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'A Tale of Two Horses' RDG Miniatures 1/9th Burthe and Trumpeter Bust


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I have had the Colonel Burthe 4th Hussars bust for a while and picked up the Hussar Trumpeter recently at SMW2021, just need the Eagle Bearer to complete the trio and mount them all together. Think this will be a long project, so may intersperse with other projects.

Burthe's horse was painted with the airbrush using Vallejo Air acrlyics, Trumpeters horse has had the basic areas defined, also witht the airbrush - this is because i will finish him using oils, and will do the same with Burthe's steed. Both faces have had a base colour airbrushed with Tamiya Flesh/flat brown and highlights with white added;







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Got some oils on the horse, just a pallette mix of Mars black, Titanium White and Yellow Ochre. Lows and mids painted, so need to add some white highlights probably in a couple of days but going to leave this one as a grey though. While he is drying i will get 'Burthes' mount painted. 

51701676306_5f2ed714da_o.jpg 51702351869_c0b04f1bb3_o.jpg

51702562855_dff4e39eae_o.jpg 51701676341_56da99e77a_o.jpg


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