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An awful lot of American Iron there!


I thought that I had a large stash (ish), but very few duplications. I don't think that I will ever build all that I have, if I live to be 110...




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I am quite impressed how many car kits are out there I have not the smallest interest in. More muscle in there than in any given gym.


Some love collecting boxes, some love building. My stash at the moment has 4 boxes... But these are quite the other end of the spectrum...

Bandai Millenium Falcon 1/72.

a very large Revell Tigermeet Helicopter that I got for christmas or birthday when I was still into that kind of stuff. Never started and probably should sell.

Pocher F40 1/8.

the respective Autograph Transkit.


Since I won't be able to build anything soon I am trying to resist adding to that.

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