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F-4B Phantom Stencils (D48094) 1:48 Eduard (For Tamiya Kit)


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F-4B Phantom Stencils (D48094)

1:48 Eduard (For Tamiya Kit)




We all love an F-4 Phantom, and some of them, especially the early ones were festooned with stencils. This is a full of stencil across two sheets from Eduard. While Tamiya do give you some stencils on the kit sheet the are quite thick compared with Eduard's ones. In addition some on the Tamiya sheet are grouped together with areas of carrier film between them increasing the ability for the them to silver. 






The decals are printed by Eduard and have good register, sharpness and colour density, with a glossy carrier film printed close to the edges of the printed areas.



A nice comprehensive set of decals to bring something additional to your kit, whether the new Tamiya kit, or any of the others available. Highly Recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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