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Tamiya 1/100 A-6A Intruder - Devilfish 508

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Hi all,


I always wanted an Intruder on shelf after the seeing the film "Flight of the Intruder" and then more recently reading the book. The Tamiya kit is from 1969 but has markings that are close enough to the film to make "Devilfish 508".

























Size comparison with a 1/72 Spitfire



Ps I had to buy a second kit  as I messed up a couple of decals (A new kit is only a fiver with postage). The first person to PM me with their address can have it free of charge. All that will really be missing are the stars and bars for the underside and topside of the wings.






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Thanks for the kind replies. 


Yeah, I don't know why Tamiya experimented with this scale but then gave up. All I know is that while it says Tamiya on the box, the fit was awful and detail was non-existent. However I am very pleased at how it came out so I can't complain.


To be honest even though I tried throughout the build to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, I always managed to turn it around and make an improvement. This build really had a charmed life and I literally felt I couldn't go wrong. It's a dead cert that my next build is heading for the bin at the first stage. I think I used up all my luck with this one.



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