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Tamiya Spitfire mk1


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5 hours ago, Phil Podmore said:

I like seeing neat birds - mine are weathered within an inch of their lives!


Thanks, I haven't got the hang of weathering yet its something I hope to get better at in time, that said I have used a few washes on the Spitfire but they don't show to much in the pictures! 🤷‍♂️ any tips gladly received....

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6 minutes ago, Rich75 said:

Cool I'll have to check it out!hope the screen fits better than this one did

Still has a long way to go. I need to finish the paintjob ( handpainting a 1:32 scale is no walk in the park ) I started working on this kit before i bought my airbrush. However, once my M110 build is finished i will muster up the courage to finish this iconic ww2 fighter. I'll keep you posted. 👍

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