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York and Lancasters at Taamai, 1884.

Angus Tura

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Hi. Here is a model from the Africa GB which is finally finished.


The Battle of Taamai in the Sudan 1884 is the subject of this painting in the Regimental Museum in Rotherham, on which I've tried to base the colours and the landscape.


210215a Tamaai painting


The figure is by Michael Roberts (now sold by El Greco) and is in resin. I can recommend it. The rifle strap and buckles are tomato puree tube and fusewire.


211118a Overall 211118b Right three-quarters 211118d Left three-quarters 211118e Back


He's all oils over enamels except the metals which are humbrol brass and gold and the brilliant Vallejo "Natural Steel". The base is Magic-sculp, PVA, chinchilla dust and "Treemendus" horsehair. The Hedandoan weapons are made of plasticard, plastic rod, 5 thou brass and 15 amp fusewire. His boots and puttees are dusted-up with Abteilung 502 "Light European Earth".


I hope you like.


Thanks for looking,



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Missed a bit
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I like him very much. you've done the face very well I think, and the khaki. I think having him almost falling off the plinth works well, it gives a sense of crowding which is tricky with just one figure.


I'm not sure about the fingernails. They kinda leap out at you and are very clean for a soldier?

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Thanks for the kind encouragement, one and all.


Bertie, I do like your new picture. A much better likeness.


As Jeeves would say, rem acu tetigisti: I mixed up some pink for the fingernails but on the figure it looks like he's painted them. How clean or dirty they should be for a soldier of the Sudan War, I couldn't say. I'm pretty sure they didn't paint their nails, however. I'll repaint them when (if) the next figure(s) get to that stage.





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Excellent job and very nice paintwork.  Always good to see the York and Lancs; prior to their disbandment they were the local regiment here in south Yorkshire.  I'm pretty sure they would have had clean fingernails, they weren't known as the Young and Lovelies for nothing 😃

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Fantastic work, really captures the soldiers depicted in the painting.


A question to the experts out there.  In reality, when pitched battles were fought did soldiers really go into battle wearing their backpacks, bedrolls etc?  I appreciate that paintings always depict soldiers fully equipped but my thinking in reality, you would want to encumber yourself as much as possible leaving just the essentials like ammo pouches, water canteen and bread bag.  But maybe the military doctrine was that a soldier should always be properly turned out.


Here I’m talking about pitched battles were the sides were drawn up in lines to fight on a fixed battleground, not the more fluid actions where the aim was to move forward and take ground.


Just curious, wonder if anyone has some insight.





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