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Sled building time

bar side

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3 hours ago, adolfocaetanonetto said:


And I think that its possible build another model with the parts left!  Or, maybe a crash...


I did think a D21 drone from the engines, but I guess I will think of something!

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Started getting some decals on.  I thought I might try a Klear coat, then decals with a little micro set / sol, then seal it all off with a coat of Humbrol spray matt varnish.  Apart from a little water + Klear mx8n* to turn white (thankfully dried clear!) seems ok - ish!



So look at the horizontals.  Kind of white misting.  That is the Humbrol spray matt.  The red lines are sitting on the shinier Klear base.  I didn’t like the white mist.  Still trying to figure out if it is because the sprayin* was done in the garage or the can was too cold.  I will keep it inside now before spraying on the body.


Now the Caracal decal around the refuelling receptacle.  It’s a bit bright!



Tempted to take the whole thing off & just do a very thin painted red line around.  Bit strange really.  Or even tape off the text & spray over it.  Seems more at home with the early scheme than the late.


Now those fins.  I covered the number decal & gave it a light dust of black & I think they will be ok



So I will let these bits dry & carry on tomorrow 



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Decals are (almost all) on and the top side has had a matt coat, so time to grab a quick pic or two with the lights on.  As you can see it has been raining & the table is wet, but the effect is quite nice





These are the lights



And with another Kelly Johnson classic



Just need to finish a couple of stencils and flat coat the underside and get the shed set up for a photo shoot and I will do an RFI

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Looks very good. I am also working on A-12B conversion based on Italeri/Testors 1:48 kit to test whether my 3D printed parts fit or not. Yesterday I was fully busy with scribing all the panel lines and little triangles both on upper and lower surfaces. But for me there is still much to do to reach RFI 😁



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Well I think the last of the stencil decals are on.  Bit more flat coat over them & she will be done.  I have been fed up with the lower rear panel not staying on.  It comes off to let me put in a battery and run the lights.  So I have ordered some small magnets to keep it in place.  Might get that sorted by the weekend.  



Around 20 years between these two.  Griffon Spit to Blackbird 44 to 64

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11 hours ago, bar side said:



Around 20 years between these two.  Griffon Spit to Blackbird 44 to 64

That photo really brings home the significance of this aircraft...1961 for the A-12, it's really shocking how quickly the tech and capability moved forward.


Looks good in low vis, must be time to bribe @Serkan Sen for some 3D parts and have another crack at the Revell kit! 😂

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I suspect they were both at Mildenhall either 82 or 84.  Both certainly made an impression on me!  Looking forward to seeing your Revell / Serkan Sen low vis build @Alan P


Bit more done.  Flat coat on the underside. 



You can just see the camera inside




Not perfect where I have used micro sol / set to try & suck down those decals, but I will let it dry now



So need to get the rest out of the loft & get a good weather day at low sun.  Maybe paint up a new base board.  Then get the diorama pics done.  Maybe also some nice big drip trays too…

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Got my mini magnets today for the battery hatch.  They are tiny.  Need to let the glue dry and see how they work.  The white plastic inside the rear panel is where I tried to cut and flatten this section.  Fit is awful, but I hope to not look underneath too often



Checking the lights out, I noticed that the front taxi light looked really weak.  Nowhere near as bright as it did when I test fitted it.  I pushed it in to the back of the lamp and sealed it with blutac to stop light bleed from the back.  However I think the blutac blocked the front as well!  So I reseated it & now it looks better



And check the cockpit glow



All good.

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Think the battery hatch panel is about there.  Gone with a bracket on the front and magnet on the back.  It wasn’t fitting properly so cut it, flattened it, filled it etc




Got it fitting better




Painted it up - not properly dry or top flat coated so looks a bit too black!




and closed up.  Of course the magnet then promptly came away, so superglued in place now.  Latest JP project sneaking in to the shot



And this battery goes in here




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