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PLAN 1/700 Type 918 "Wolei" Class Mainlayer 814 "LiaoYang"


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Hi mates!


This is my currently finished work: the 1/700 PLAN Type 918 "Wolei" Class Mainlayer 814 "LiaoYang".


The kit is a full resin one with some 3D print parts and 1 PE sheet, by Dodo Models.

Since it was originally a waterline kit, I also ordered the 3D print hull to add on.


The colour scheme is the late 80s PLAN ones which I personally love very much.


It took me about one month to finish it(26th Sep - 4th Oct 2021).




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Excellent attention to detail with fittings and weathering! I admit I'm partial to the newer PLAN hulls, but this MCM class and its successor are both good designs, too.


Looking forward to your upcoming Jiangkai I frigate with post-2012 pennant number.

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Dear all


Thank you very much for your encouragement!

It worth every minute of my effort(struggle) worth it. ;) 

It was never an easy task to build 1/700 ship models, but the outcoming especially when you hold it in your hand to adore it, is the very special moment which bigger scale ship models cannot bring to you.

Yes, the adorableness is the main charming point of 1/700 ship models to me.


Now temporally I will be back to aircraft built, but hope to come back to shipyard early next year!


Have a nice day!



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