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McLaren 720S - Alpha Models 1/24

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Finally finished something! This is Alpha Models' 1/24 McLaren 720S, built OOB with Zero Paints' Pearl Red ZP-1440. It did have an initial coat of McLaren Papaya Orange, but after seeing one in this colour at the Goodwood Members Meeting I thought that the orange was a bit 'meh' and decided to go for the red instead. It's a Pagani colour but I love it. Also I found a company that does steel brake conversions for the full-size 720S, so it also has steel brakes rather than carbon discs.


001a (4)


002 (4)




005 (1)


005 (6)


007 (4)


009 (3)




011 (1)


011 (2)


011 (4)


I've got a couple more Alpha kits in the stash and can't wait to get onto another one. But first I have a race car or two do finish. Oh and if anyone at Alpha is listening: PLEASE do an Aston Martin Vulcan!

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1 hour ago, keefr22 said:

Lovely job, really like the colour and that's an excellent finish! What clearcoat did you use?




I was going to use the Zero Paints lacquer but after a test with Mr Color Topcoat I used the latter. I haven't polished it yet and may also give it a panel wash as @Ade H suggested above.

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