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Airfix 1/16 Cobra


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Hi all i won this on ebay, its an ex MPC kit first thing the instructions are next to useless , on the first page it tells you the colours for airfix paints but there is not one point in the instructions where that colour call out is used ( as you all know I had no intention of building this as should be anyway) but if you wanted to, well, , hard cheese, 

So heres the box art 


I'm thinking of a fade paint job either blue to white or blue to red not decided yet.

Anyway a start on the engine, it's not a bad kit detail wise.



Either this must be huge or the Ferrari 312t must be tiny as this is 1/16 whereas the Ferrari is 1/12 


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The color callouts are the letters in square boxes shown in the assembly illustrations. For example, in step 1, the boxed letter "J" indicates those parts (all of them in this case) are to be painted "Blue" (not very specific, I know). You can download the instructions with color callouts here:



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This build brings back memories. I still have one that I built ages ago.

Mine has been converted to RHD  and built as a kerb side model.

At first mine was displayed with one of the doors positioned wide open and mounted on a base.

I came to look in my display cabinet one morning to discover that said door had just fallen off!

My guess is that the plastic hinges just got brittle over time and suffered from the constant weight of the door being open.I

So it is now displayed with everything closed. I did away with the heavy windscreen frame and scored a much more to scale one directly on to the transparency and used Bare Metal Foil on it. Only other thing I did was replaced the steering wheel inner with one cut from thin sheet aluminium. The rest is as per kit.

It makes up into an impressive model when built, but the kit is showing its age a bit refinement wise and benefits from some extra work done on it. Look forward to seeing this build progression as I am sure that KP will do it justice in his inimitable style.

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Bit more done to this started adding a bit of detail to the engine (I don't know much about these engines and can't find many useful pics of throttle linkages and such)



Those air filters are just placed there.

This is the main colour I've gone for.


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Spent ages trying to get this decal to settle down, in the end I decided to remove it, and the reason it wouldn't settle down became apparent, never seen that happen before and no idea why.

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Do love a good cobra, this looks good be interesting to find out what it actually scales out to?

Had a bit of fun with one recently when we drew up next to one, both sat blipping our throttles like teenagers. 👍

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Hi all more work on the Cobra.


I decided to ditch the carbs (too much wrong with them )

The kit comes with fuel injection as an option I thought I would go with that, tbh a don't know which is worse, still I'm stuck with it now, hopefully I can improve on what the kit supplied (still won't be anything like accurate but maybe look interesting.


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More done to this, I can't find any decent pics of the fuel injection system on this so I've invented my own (its only really to fill space as the stacks are too far apart and it looks silly)



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