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Takom Sea Dart Missile 1/35


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Don't know if this belongs here.


The Sea Dart was a British naval missile for medium range as a ship defence for incoming cruise missiles, jets, bombers etc and also had a limited capacity to attack small ships or land targets. It was mounted on the Type-42 Destroyers and the HMS Invincible class carriers. Is was in service from 1973 till 2012 (pretty long time, IMHO), and was used in the Falkland war (7 kils +1 friendly fire) and the Persian Gulf (1 silkworm missile)







The missile itself im long and weighs kg. The body consists of a detachable booster to bring it up to speed and a ram-engine to sustain flight at a cruise speed of mach 2.5. 


The kit:




This one was started as an in between project, while I was struggling with my Harrier canopy. Build is pretty easy, only need to dryfit for the wings of the missiles. These are "keyed", but the "key" is a tad too long




but this was the result of an afternoon glueing.


There are some visible seams between the main parts, and found that these were welded, so tried the same to add the welds while closing the gaps...




Here I worked with streched sprue, glued it over the seam, made it soft with extra thin cement, and made some dents with a knife. Then I burnt the residu away with some more extra thin cement and pressed it a bit down with the back of a knife to make it less pronounced


Next up was primer and the start of the painting




I wanted to try this for a long time, not my best effort ... 



To be continued...


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36 minutes ago, Silenoz said:

Don't know if this belongs here.

Works for me, it is a naval weapon. I’ll tag along :popcorn:, as I’ve often wondered about these kits. Not sure I’ll do one myself, but I’m interested in seeing one built.

Out of interest, how big is it ?


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Sea Dart was originally conceived to engage high flying aircraft, primarily Bombers and recon planes. Not low flying aircraft travelling at speed, and certainly not cruise missiles. However, the whole system including the radar underwent a substantial upgrade that made it much more useful....

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21 hours ago, junglierating said:

Looks like a good topic to follow....just one thing you didnt mention its use on the sole type82 destroyer...BRIZZLE.

I believe it was used to trial the weapon...im sure there is an ex WE who knows a bit more.

Yes, you are right. The system was mounted on the type 82 from 1973 for testing. My bad.

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I’ve built this set, I personally found the fit wayward in places but that could just be me. The lack of decals for the Sea Dart was a disappointment, especially as they had perfect reference from the RN school of weapons. The Sea Wolf was fine to build apart from the brace between the two sets of launchers. Again, it might of been me.


Enjoy your builds.

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