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Bristol Scout F and F1 1/48 scratchbuilt didn’t quite make the GB deadline

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Built for the GB but owing to life etc getting in the way of modelling didn’t quite make the GB deadline. 

For 1917 they were  both somewhat ahead of their time. The F was powered by the Sunbeam Arab while the F1 was essentially the same airframe with a Mercury engine, both aircraft performed well but neither engine was reliable enough to go into series production, hence neither Scout got past the prototype stage.







The Scout F





resized_48e98a66-427d-4d97-b1ea-9847d83aAnd the F1



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7 hours ago, Vulcanicity said:

The British Fighter Since 1914 as they're new to me!

The book I have is the British fighter since 1912 the F is pictured on page 114. My main reference was fighters of the First World War volume 1 which shows both and has line drawings.

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