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FROG 1/72....Ju-87G-2..."Kanonenvogel"......


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Werknummer 494230, T6+HM seen below on downwind.  I wanted to capture the dusty, weathered look of these aircraft at the front.


The olde FROG kit from 1968, F-195. Looking at this kit in the stash over the years, I've always been impressed how cool this looked with the raised panel lines, the rivets, the overall shape, even the razor sharp trailing edges of the flying surfaces are all aspects FROG captured really well.





I added aftermarket cannon barrels, a Falcon canopy and a resin cockpit. Old aftermarket decals for the markings, werknummer and codes are my own press-type on clear decal, the rest is out of box as I wanted it as much FROG as I could. This build was also a test mule for the MMP Luftwaffe colors.

MMP paints were used exclusively, color coats, clear coats, all weathering. I had no problems, I'm pleased with the results and will continue using them.


The cannons are such a big part of this aircraft, I detailed those to busy them up some. Not perfect but good.



The Falcone canopy was extremely hard to work with because it is so thin. I spent a day framing and another whole just attaching it.








All in all, I'm pleased with this. I wish I had paid closer attention and studied photos better. The yellow fuselage band is too wide, by about half, and I think the "HM" on the port side would all be on green. I was copying an artist illustration, not looking more closely at a photo.


There is a lot of life left in this old FROG kit. With just some basic additions, the old kit cleans up well and looks pretty close to modern, more expensive issues of the Ju-87G.


1968, who would have thunk it....

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I have to say that you have made a great job of that kit... The after market canopy looks brilliant.    I did the ancient Revell version and it's very poor the amount of flash and clean up needed was ridiculous very nearly binned it in fact.

I should add that the cannons on your model look splendid.

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I had one of these in 1969. Top job!

Brought back such nostalgic memories. You've presented it exactly how I envisaged I wanted mine to look, but had zero chance of achieving back then sans air brush, compressor, etc, or most of all aged 14 and with no experience with them even had they been accessible to me, the necessary skills with them. 


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A tremendous thanks to everyone, glad you enjoyed my wrestling with this kit, I sure did.

If you're thinking of tackling this kit if found.....

A couple of things. Like the Hellcat, the dihedral as built is too steep. Check photos and drawings, from the side the wing tips should not be higher than the cockpit edge. You can hold a piece of paper up on the screen photo below connecting the wing tips and see the line goes right across the cockpit edge. Correct dihedral will leave a gap on top at the wing root. Fill with your favorite wipe away filler as sanding would suck.




2 pieces of wire and a little chunk of styrene will busy up the cannons and just drill out the ends.

The Falcon canopy or anybody else's will fit easier with some plastic removed in the rear gunners area. Once you have both in front of you, you'll know what to do.

Photo editing changed the color of the camouflage. The MMP colors look much less green in real life. This is about as close as I could get photo wise below.





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On 12/11/2021 at 09:23, Vulcanicity said:

Nice one! I had no idea Frog made a Ju-87, but it looks like a great kit for its age and you have really done it justice.


Me niether and I fully agree. Smashing work there :thumbsup:!



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