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Big Shout Out To Hannants

Jay Barfoot

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I live in Georgia, USA and I ordered several kits, a decal sheet and a couple of aftermarket items from Hannants.  The order itself arrived just 9 days after I received the “dispatched” notice.  That is OUTSTANDING in today’s supply-chain challenged world.  Everything was neatly packed and arrived undamaged.  I was thrilled as I always am whenever I deal with Hannants.  However, when I inspected the contents of the actual model boxes, I discovered an issue with the KPM La-5F model kit I’d ordered. The sprue contents in it were incorrect.  I’d received 2 of one sprue and none of another when I should have had 1 of each.

I contacted Hannants via the “E-mail Us” tab on their website and explained my situation.  The “E-mail Us” tab links to their sales dept.  Lee, in their sales dept, immediately responded and forwarded my e-mail to customer services.  There, Kim remedied the situation by dispatching a new kit to me while notifying me it had been sent.  A tracking number was also provided.  All this happened within 22hrs of me sending the initial e-mail.

This just reaffirms my belief that Hannants is one of the premiere on-line vendors in the world.  I’ve been dealing with them for decades and I’ve never had a bad experience.  Outstanding job Hannants, especially lee and Kim.  Keep up the good work.  It’s very much appreciated.

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I've been dealing exclusively with Hannants for a good few years now and I shall continue using them. The longest time for an order to reach me up here on The Backside Of Beyond, has been 12 days. The shortest was 7 days! They are great!





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