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I was sent a YouTube video that showed the aircraft the USAF parked in the desert for damage assessment during one of the A-bomb tests in 1951- an amazing assortment of obsolete and first-line aircraft. Among them was the XF-90, which was discovered, recovered, decontaminated, and now on display at the Air Force Museum. What a futuristic looking jet, and a real shame both prototypes  were expended in the bomb tests. Makes me want to try to find the Aurora 1/48 kit, but I do have the 1/72 Maintrack/Project X vacform, which is very nice! See the link to the You Tube bomb test video as well as links to the history and the only surviving XF-90, which was the jet of choice in the Blackhawk comic books of old! I hope you enjoy the links!










Look at  all the aircraft used as targets- what they would be worth today, especially the XF-90 !





I built the Aurora kit when I was a wee lad, but glued the tip tanks under the wings, as that is where the tanks were on the F-86F's of the 8th FBG at Itazuke AB, Japan, where we were stationed in 1955!



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5 hours ago, 72modeler said:

Yep- other than that, they were identical! :giggle:


What? You don't think that? To me the resemblance is there. Never said they were identical. 

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