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USAAF Bomber Pilots & Ground Crew 1944-45 (48088) 1:48

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USAAF Bomber Pilots & Ground Crew 1944-45 (48088)

1:48 ICM via Hannants




With HKM bringing out a new 1:48 B-17 Flying Fortress, this new set from ICM is timed rather well, which is more than likely no coincidence.  It arrives in ICM’s usual top-opening box with captive inner lid, although it’s a smaller one than usual.  Inside is a single sprue of grey styrene and a glossy instruction sheet with spot colour profiles of the five figures that can be found on the sprue in parts. 




There are three flight crew members, two of which are dressed for flight, complete with their life jackets and harnesses, while the third crewman is wearing just his olive drabs and a leather flying jacket with an officer’s cap and his hands in his pockets.  Two of them have large kit bags at their feet, while the guy in the peaked cap is carrying a parachute pack in one hand and a glove in his other.  The two ground crew figures are dressed in overalls, one kneeling down with a spanner pack to his side, while the other is reaching up with what looks like a screwdriver in one hand.




Sculpting is excellent, with an abundance of crisp detail throughout, even down to the sewn-in ribbing on the underside of the crewman’s turned up cap bill.  The poses, breakdown of parts and fabric drape is also beyond reproach, and they should build up into an excellent set of figures to dot around the US bomber of your choice.




Adding some figures to a model, diorama or vignette gives scale as well as a human dimension, and this set will provide just that with the addition of some judiciously applied painting, which is key.


Very highly recommended.


Available in the UK from importers H G Hannants Ltd.



Review sample courtesy of



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