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HMS Campbeltown 1/700

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Hi All,


This is my recently completed rendition of Flyhawk’s wonderful 1/700 scale HMS Campbeltown. This was a first kit for me from this company – and wow! Things have really come a long way from the “Water Line Series” 1/700 ship models of the 1970s. Aside from replacing the slightly oversized 20mm guns and the main mast (which I broke), I made very few changes to the kit.















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A very fine, neat and tidy build.
I struggle to see some parts on my 1/350 builds,  and having tried to build a 1/700 ship, which was a dismal failure. I am in awe of you chaps who produce these small ships.

Well done.



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Great work, especially given the scale :thumbsup2:


I don't do ships often, but the story of HMS Campbeltown and the raid on St Nazaire Docks (Operation Chariot) is for me, among the most insane of the whole of WW2. I'd recommend anyone to go on You Tube and look for the video on the 'Timeline' channel, as told by Jeremy Clarkson - well worth an hour of anyone's time.

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On 11/11/2021 at 8:44 AM, Bertie Psmith said:

Amazing work. It's fabulous and so tiny. How do you do that?

Hi Bertie,


Thanks! The model was built using pretty standard techniques, really. I do have a secret weapon:




I use these US$1.00 readers from the Dollar Store with a second set of lenses from another pair taped over them. Pretty high-tech, huh? 😄



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