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1/32 MDC Hawker Typhoon

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I have set sail on a themed collection of 1/32 Hawker single engined piston fighters, started because I enjoyed Special Hobby's Tempest V so much, and because of Lukgraph, Fly, Paul Fisher and Special Hobby (again) providing the raw materials.


The Typhoon is a lovely piece of casting.  Here it is.  It is an entirely fictional representation of a 1B equipped with rockets wearing the early 1A identification stripes, ie *not* the invasion stripes we all know and love.  The windscreen and canopy are Special Hobby spares that I acquired after borking several vacforms.  Ham fisted? Moi?


The very few decals I used (most of the major stuff is masked) silvered. Grr.  And I did gloss it up first, too.


General overview...



Plan view...



The tummy.  The apparently kinky stripe on the starboard flap is an optical illusion.  It's straight, really...



Cockpit detail showing virtually nothing!  But the SH windscreen blended in well...



Nicely cast bits of undercarriage...


Hope you like.  I am currently working on Fly's Hurricane.  The cockpit frame is tortuous, but I'll get there! 



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4 hours ago, keith in the uk said:

Very nice , :goodjob: the above shot shows the port outer cannon could do with a little straightning up .  :hmmm:

It *might* be one of the RP rails being squint. Being resin, they were a little 'floppy' ... 

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