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3d print Porsche 935 Kremer K3 in 1/12 scale

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Like it Christian? It's brilliant!!


Can you print the clear parts or do they have to be done the old school way with plastic? (showing my ignorance of what can or can't be done with these new black magic printers....!! :) )



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Thank you for your nice words! 


I got 2x Elegoo Saturn and 1x Elegoo Mars 2 Pro. 


The clear parts for the lights are also printed. 

Only the windows are done the old fashioned way with vacuum formed parts. 


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I think it's OK with the proportions. Just checked compared to a Minichamps 934 and it looks OK for me. 

But hey, I am not a big company who got info on the measurements of the car. 

Just looked at the wide of the real car and transferred that to 1/12.that's all. 

Regards Christian 

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