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1/144 - Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird by Platz (plastic Dragon) - box art+3D renders+decals - release November 2021


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PLatz is to rebox the Dragon 1/144th Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird kit - ref. AE144-6

Source: https://www.facebook.com/platz.global/posts/421128506197384



PLATZ 1/144 USAF Strategic Reconnaissance Aircraft SR-71A Blackbird

(Item No. AE144-6)

*Release Scheduled in November 2021

To see more details and To-buy go to : https://bit.ly/3mws27E


This is an assembly kit for USAF Strategic Reconnaissance Aircraft SR-71A Blackbird in 1/144 scale.

- Glue and paint are required.

- Newly designed decal is made by Cartograf with high quality.

- The metal texture of the fuselage surface is well expressed.

- The lower part of the fuselage is modeled in detail.

- Landing gear can be assembled in either flight or landing state.

- Reproduce the pitot tube at the tip of the fuselage precisely.

- Markings are the three aircraft in HABU marking which were deployed to Kadena AB.

- The finish is about 220mm in length.









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The Platz decals are always well designed with spares on the sheet for small stencils too.


There are some long out of production models in the Dragon catalogue that hopefully might come back into production.


Pity Platz don't often have UK distribution - perhaps the appeal of this prototype might encourage someone to pick it up.

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