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1/72 Revell P-47D Thunderbolt

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Dear fellow Britmodellers,

here's my 1/72 Revell P-47D Thunderbolt, built from the box.

I received this kit from the legacy of a fellow IPMS club member.

The kit's box was badly crushed and torn, and every time I saw it in my stash I felt sorry for it.

Looking for a 'quick build', I moved it to the workbench.

The Revell model was released 20 years ago: https://www.scalemates.com/de/kits/revell-04155-republic-p-47d-30-thunderbolt--107126

It still holds up well today, with nice details and clean mouldings, and is a cheaper alternative to the Tamiya kit.

Markings represent "Chuck's Wagon", an aircraft of 362nd Fighter Group, operating from Rouvres aifield (allied code A.82) in early 1945. The decals are from Eagle Strike (#72058, "362nd FG Jugs Pt.II").


Painted with Tamiya, Mr.Hobby and Alclad II.

Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel.





































"Chuck's Wagon" carried colorful wheel hubs. These were punched from plastic sheet and painted according to instructions.






Thank you for your interest.

Best greetings from Vienna!



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If you didn’t mention it in your review, I would have thought this was the Tamiya kit. Another superb rendition from you Roman. Keep spoiling us with your works of art!!!! :like:



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Hi My Friend Roman!!!


Congratulations for this new masterpiece you show us here!!!!

I agree with you as this beauty is a nice kit and, I don't know the Tamiya but this one is in comparison ultra cheaper as the Tamiya value is three  times of Revell's.


I like this kit and was thinking in use it to make one of any south american Air Frorces as those were the very last countries flying this beast, or a French one used in Algeria war. For sure an impressive aircraft. Likes a huge lot your build, a very clean and feel is  a vice free build, liked a huge lot the light weathering and wonderful finish you achieved here. Was wondering if are you making any plan for a Razorback to  make this one a good company???  


Thank you very much for sharing!!!


Luis Alfonso 

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That's an outstanding build!

I'm a fan of Revell's 1/72 P-47 - great value!  I have built a few already and would be happy to do more.

I'd definitely need to be on my A-game to get anywhere near as good as yours, though!

It's perfection in 1/72!


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Iam still in my infancy when comes to building and from what Ive read and heard Silver, Aluminum, and sorts of those colours can be a tricky to apply; especially if you dont get the prep work right.. However, this looks flawless. Fantastic work. Its making me nerves about taking on my P51 build after the Me 262 that Iam doing shortly. You have got to love the decals.

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