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French Air Force Mirage 2000C 1/72 Modelsvit

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Here's another Mirage completed same time as my F1.

What an absolutely fantastic kit this is by Modelsvit. No filler needed & the best surface detail I've ever seen (so far) on a 1/72 kit. Definitely worth the money as this is slightly more expensive than similar sized kits. Also comes with full etch set for cockpit & fuselage antennas plus canopy masking set. The engineering on this kit is perfection. If Modelsvit can do this then why can't everyone else?


Decals from the Syhart "Last Flight Cambrai-Epinoy" sheet.

Mirage 2000C 1/72 No.85 103-LK "ESTA 2E.012"

Primed with Ammo Mig black primer, both greys from the Hataka Brazillian Mirage Redline set & the exhaust from the Vallejo Metal Colour range.

Klear gloss, Mig B/B PLW then final coat of Xtracrylic matt. Found another Master Mirage 2000C pitot in the spares box, which is the only improvement needed to this kit.













Thanks for looking.






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I was ogling this beauty for a while but I was put off by the somewhat high price tag. Your presentation however surely makes me want to reconsider that. Very nice!

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I'm quite impressed by your building and painting skills. Is the kit designed such that the use of PE is optional rather than mandatory?

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12 hours ago, David Koktavý said:

Very nice and thank you for motivation to build this one too 👍

Cheers! It was a pleasure to build. Best glue to use is extra thin glue, just went together a dream with just a light sanding of the spine joint & lower wing to rear fuselage join. Will likely be getting another one!

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2 hours ago, binbrook87 said:

Awesome work again on another French beauty. One of the most beautiful of modern jets (in my opinion) and you've done her justice

Cheers! They are pretty well designed & well proportioned aircraft. 👍

7 minutes ago, Vultures1 said:

That's an absolute stunner Martin, well done!

Thank you! 👍

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