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Hi Steve 


It's pics like this that stop you and make you think.  There are often threads as to what colour depth charges were.  Well red in this case which is an answer no-one ever really offers.


Here's another picture which should cause us all to stop and consider some of the rigid orthodoxy about schemes




Just check out he variation in deck and superstrucure colours.


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33 minutes ago, robgizlu said:

Here's another picture which should cause us all to stop and consider some of the rigid orthodoxy about schemes

I have that one, yes, check out the weathering on the central vessel's bow...  Also, note the profusion of ropes, no one ever puts enough rope on deck


As ever, once you've made an exact model, creating a "sense" of reality is the true challenge.. I still have so much to learn in this stage of the project





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Once I started scratch building the Canadian boats, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of colour (& colourized) photos of these boats available on the 'net.   It's made choosing colours relatively easy.




Another benefit is that the Canadian WWII boats usually followed the RN paint colour schemes & can be used for reference.


Here's a photo of extreme weathering on one of the Canadian boats.





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Second torpedo tube completion today.  Here are the stages I didn't potograph the first time around


This is the rail assembly prior to soldering




The connecting cross members slot up into the channels and form the outer flanges (which have tiny holes in them, tricky stuff...)  Tube in the background


Tube glued in place after clean-up and some filing




The upper brackets are then folded up and added.  The end ones are in three pieces to form the inner flanges




And now first in grey primer 




And then after masking the stripes, the white primer is added.  Here they both are resting on the vessel ready for top-coat




Note the lifebuoys in red and yellow/orange plus blocks and aerial guides added to the mast.  I've only got the torpedo loading cradles to make up and then final painting ahead of varnish and weathering.  





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11 hours ago, Dmitriy1967 said:

t seems to me that it's a pity to paint them



This has occurred to me many times, in particular with some of the guns I've made like this RR 2pdr...




One day i may venture into some larger scale gun only projects and leave them natural, it has been on my mind from time to time.....


Meanwhile, back to the painting



12 hours ago, JohnWS said:

Nice lifebuoys ...

Thanks John and Rob, I think the colour scheme was the right decision





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Last fixed brass etching items, the torpedo loading cradles.  These are made up of six pieces, 5 etched and the cradle cut from brass tubing.


Here they are laid out ready to assemble with one finished in the background




And an hour later, all made up and ready for primer




And painted and mounted to the rear deck.  In this shot most of the fixed items are either glued or resting in place, we're close to varnish now, torpedo tubes in final colour




Note the Danbuoy on the port aft side.  I'm still considering whether to add to the final model, it needs rigging of course and the colours watering down.  Cowl vents installed, empty DC chutes and the two loaded ones on the stern, smoke machine and RU locker installed, rigging of course still missing, that comes after weathering.


Here is a clearer shot, including the hand-mount Vickers abeam the wheelhouse, windlass fitted.




Last brass item is the anchor, same as SGB, little job for tomorrow.  I also need to make up the sea ladder to stow on the Carley floats and add the bollards and fairleads still I'm on the home straight now, end is in sight








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On 02/02/2022 at 19:21, JohnWS said:

Steve, she's really coming alive with all bits added.  :thumbsup:  Looking great!

Thanks John, its actually quite a simple vessel, nice to see the bits added as you say


On 02/02/2022 at 20:18, beefy66 said:

Steve just had a bit of a catch up cracking stuff Sir. 

Welcome back, just in time for the finish line

On 02/02/2022 at 20:27, jackroadkill said:

My goodness, Steve, this is just magnificent.

You're very kind, its come together quite fast really

On 02/02/2022 at 23:23, Courageous said:

Very handsome looking craft

Thanks Stuart, they do look right but must have been exhausting to be aboard at speed

19 hours ago, Dancona said:

Good god Steve, how on earth do you do it, do you ever sleep

Simple, I sleep between builds....

14 hours ago, Adm Lord De Univers said:

That really is quite exquisite.

Cheers David, there's a little more to come assuming I don't screw up on the weathering, nothing is certain other than my habit of messing things up towards the end....

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Tiny update, made the anchor and began weathering....


The anchor in brass, flukes were on the etch sheet, the rest just from bits in the workshop.  The bolts are 16BA which come up around 0.8mm dia but allow it to articulate.  The shackle is 0.8 mm wire soldered to 1.5mm tubing then slotted out.  Probably slightly overscale, but I don't care, 




And here it is on the fore deck.  Note, the anchor sits on small metal plates to prevent it damaging the wooden deck and the shaft sides in a short channel, all faithfully included....




Quite a bit of weathering going on, in particular on those anti-slip mats..


General view of the vessel at the end of the day.  Weathering splits the crowd I know but to my mind these were warships at war.  There would have been time in port to do an amount of maintenance but they were not prepared for a regatta, only patrol and paint would be used sparingly as all resources where precious.  So, its going to be quite dirty I'm afraid.  The torpedo tube detail is really brought out by the weathering and light and dark highlights




Rigging left and a few final details (including post-weathering varnish) and of course one of my signature hand painted ensigns





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