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Hello everyone …. This is my very late finish of an AT-6D started in the Texan single type group build. It represents an aircraft operated by ALA MIXTA N° 46/GANDO/C.6-167 circa 1975 in the Spanish Sahara. A brief history that I found stated this.


This armed Spanish Air Force
C.6 (T-6C/D) of Escaudron 463
at Ganda, was used in the counter
insurgency role over the Spanish
Sahara during 1975.

I chose the markings as there is a plane about 1 mile from my house that used to wear these markings as a warbird. Though it currently wears a new scheme. The kit is the Encore release of the Academy plastic. The underwing rockets are based on these.




The ones in my build come from the Newer Airfix MiG-17. Seems the Soviets cloned the rockets at some point. 


















Please feel free to ask questions, post comments or thoughts. Please also feel free to visit the build thread. 



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Well done! It looks great with its Spanish paint scheme and armament.

I built a similar a model of a similar Spanish T-6 many years ago. Funny to think that the Spanish Airfoce operated these little ground-attack aircraft on the Canary Islands when other units in Spain were already using Phantoms and Mirages. Apparently, the Texans also often shared the runway with civilian 747s. Quite a contrast...

I am not sure if the Oerlikon rockets were copied by the Soviets. I guess the Swiss simply exported them to Egypt (maybe via Spain?) where the rockets were installed on Mig-17s (which is why Airfix included them in the Mig-kit).

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