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US Navy Modern Tow Tractor (211872) 1:72 Videoaviation.com

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US Navy Modern Tow Tractor (211872)

1:72 Videoaviation.com




The US navy need a low profile tug to move about on carriers. The current STT (Shipboard tow tractor) is the A/S32A-32. This also provides a mobile platform and fuel source for an engine air start unit the MSU-200NAV


The Kit

This kit is of the Tow Tractor with the GPU mounted to the rear. It arrives in videoaviation's standard white box with a drawing on the lid. Inside the tractor body is the main single part which requires no clean up. The rest of the parts are all in separate bags. These include PE parts and decals. Here Videoaviation are making use of 3D printed resin for some of the smaller parts and the single piece figure. This makes for great quality which is easier cleaned up, The figure here had departed from the 3D casting block in transit with no damage to the figure itself. 




To start the tie down points are attached to the main body of the tug, then in the driver area instrument consoles, foot controls and the steering wheel are added. The seat is also then added. Hubs are attached to the wheels and then these can be put onto the main body. Grills and lights are added along with the main rear tow hook  The exhaust for the GPU is added. Stencil decals can then be added. To finish off the figure can be used if wanted.




If you're placing any of your models on a base, adding ancillary equipment is a great way of enhancing realism. As always the quality of the parts from Videoaviation is top notch. Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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