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Prowler & Transall books available now!


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So, we've got 2 new books in the series:




DH-021 is a 140 page book on the Prowler, and what a great jet this is! A lot of action, every detail and some very interesting details of the carrier decks, such as the carts used, catapult details, tractors, and much more.


DH-022 is a 116 page book on the C-160 Transall. Not that many books on the transport aircraft have been made, especially not with a complete walk-around and filled with details. Its possible this won't be our most popular book, but we think that an aircraft with such a long service life deserved a book in the series, especially in the year it was withdrawn from service in the German Air Force. Some very cool air-to-air photos are included. And some great details of the "Gabriel" electronic version, of which France has 2 operational.




We're continuing our series and by the end of november, beginning of december we're preparing more books. Please continue to send us suggestions, those of you that have: many thanks! For 2022, we hope to continue the pace with at least 8 new books!





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