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Two of China's license-built Mig-19S: Shenyang J-6 (PLAAF) and F-6 (Pakistan AF)

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Hello all,


These vintage Heller kits date back to the mid '70s and are known for several shape issues of which I corrected (only) a few. The bulges on the tail fin and horizontal stabilizers were flattened. The cockpits were completely scratch-built as the kit is pretty much devoid of anything. Same for the nose gear wells. The ejection seat in the J-6 is homemade, with a Pavla resin MB seat being used in the F-6.


The Heller kit builds into a long-nosed Mig-19PM, so I shortened both noses by some 2 mm and reshaped the intakes using Milliput and styrene strip to better resemble the overall Mig-19S / J-6 profile: not perfect, but close enough too my eyes. The distinctive guns are also absent in the kit: I added some Master gun barrels (the pitot tubes come from the same set). The parachute housing and AIM-9B sidewinder pylons on the PAF aircraft were scratch-built also. Final touches are Reskit resin wheels and the smaller scratch-built fins/actuators on the wings.


I used Printscale decals for both aircraft. The PLAAF roundels are from the spares box though, as the Printscale ones are way too large. Paints are Gunze/Tamiya acrylics; weathering was done with oils.


Thanks for viewing - comments always welcome!


















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They look great. Of all  the Soviet  fighters the Mig 19 was the one I  liked most.


I particularly like the PAF F6. Many years ago Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine gave away PAF decals for the F6. I don't know what kit I used but I  built one using the decals because I  liked the Western style colour scheme of the PAF jets.

It wasn't nearly as good as your version though.


Well done. 

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Beautifully rendered, both. The rivet detail, though sometimes unwelcome, seems to add to the "feel" and "ethos" of these tough machines.  I never built the old Heller kit, but I can only imagine what you had to work with.  Outstanding!

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Thank you all again for the kind words! 👍


7 hours ago, TheyJammedKenny! said:

The rivet detail, though sometimes unwelcome, seems to add to the "feel" and "ethos" of these tough machines.

Very true - I also thought the raised detail suits this particular aircraft type very well. I have a couple of brand new KP Mig-19s in the stash, we’ll see how that compares! Thanks again mate!





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