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Large Compartmented Storage Boxes


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Hopefully the right area within Tools & Tips.


For a long while I have been using compartmented storage boxes for keeping spares in although especially with my almost wholesale move into 1/48 scale the sometimes multiple or larger unused parts take up several compartments and sometimes partitions have to be cut out.


I was in Home Bargains earlier today when my wife pointed out (and later bought) Christmas Tree Bauble Storage Boxes for £7.99 each that she thought might be handier for me to keep forementioned multiple or larger spares in.


Each of the 24 compartments in a box is an approx 3.5 inch/9 centimetre cube.


In my local store they were beside the bulkier Christmas decorative items and I would suspect that they are a seasonal WIGIG items which might not be restocked.




Box with hinged lid closed





Box with hinged lid open and a selection of 1/48 spares in different compartments , bottom right are 1/48 Airfix Jaguar GR.1/3 Recce Pods

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Good find. :thumbsup:


Your photo also reminds me that I have this growing pile of unassembled stores. Perhaps I should sit myself down and finish them off so they're ready to load.

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