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October 2021 News


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The latest from the front!


November is rapidly approaching, and progress is being made on our ten initial Spitfire and Bf109 kits. We have wonderful new artwork to show you, and are putting the finishing touches to many profiles that will be included with the kits. Decals are in development and tooling is proceeding. However, we have decided that is best if we begin to manage expectations now; due to circumstances beyond our control, the cutting of the steel tools is taking longer than anticipated. Much of UK industry is currently experiencing delays and setbacks caused by a few factors that are all coming together to make things difficult, and we have been affected.

It no longer seems realistic for us to be shipping orders in November, but we will work as hard as we can to let you know a realistic timescale that we will do everything we can to keep to. We will make more announcements on this as and when we can. We will of course ensure that all pre-orders will be dispatched before the kits go on general sale through our web sore and retail partners. Our pre-order customers are our priority. As always, your patience and support is appreciated and we hope we will be able to show you some plastic in a future update! 

New RAF Box Art:

We are delighted to be able to show off some of the box art that we have commissioned! These will be on the cover of our boxes, and are the first five of ten art pieces that we are working on. We are now starting work on the Bf109E box art pieces. The credits are:

1/144 RAF Dispersal Set - Chris Freeman.



1/144 Spitfire Mk.I Early - Antonis Karydis.



1/144 Spitfire Mk.Ia "Spitfires Into Battle" - used with kind permission from Mark Postlethwaite




1/144 Spitfire Mk.II - Antonis Karydis



1/144 Spitfire PR Mk.I Type G - Antonis Karydis. 



Tooling Updates:

The 1/144 Bf109E is now in tooling, however our toolmaker has advised us that there are material shortages and supplier delays, which is hampering efforts. The 1/144 Spitfire data is in the tooling queue and will be next to be made. Bryan is now in the very early stages of develop a 1/144 Heinkel He111, which we hope we will be able to show you more of in the coming weeks. For now, both of us are doing all we can to move the production of these first two kits along.

Website Updates:

As always, we are refining and improving our website, and we are beginning to populate the product pages with better images as well as optimizing the customer experience and navigation.

We hope that you are all well, and we appreciate your continued support, as well of words of encouragement through Facebook, Instagram and Discord. We really appreciate it, and it's so wonderful to have such dedicated early customers. We will have more to show you in the next newsletter, see you then!

Take care,

Will & Bryan.  

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On 10/15/2021 at 3:48 PM, Beard said:

I've just been having a look at your website and really wish the figure set was in 1/72, even without the hut & Jag.

This is a possibility, the proportions are a bit chunky for 1/72 (they're slightly stylised for the small scale) but we could look into it later down the line.


On 10/15/2021 at 4:03 PM, Tim R-T-C said:

Thats some beautiful artwork for sure. Looking forward to getting these kits in-hand as soon as they emerge.

Thanks mate! Andrew Harris is making great progress on our Stapme Vs Von Werra piece and I can't wait to show it off soon!



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Hello Gents, this will learn me not to lose modelling mojo in 1/144 scale...... I have only just had a browse of the KG 144 webpage after a 12 month absence and low and behold these beauties..... now I can't remember my KG 144 login...., anyways must order some of these..... they will go nicely with my 109F's and Spit IX's






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