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Airbrush upgrade, H and S to Iwata?


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3 hours ago, ckw said:

My Ultra worked fine from the outset, and still does


2 hours ago, davecov said:

I have had an Ultra for over ten years and it has always produced good results


Then I must modify my views. I've only ever seen negative comments about the Ultra, so much so that it stopped me buying one as a back up. I have to admit that I haven't owned one myself so my judgement was based on other folks reports. Now I've heard positive as well as negative reports - I still won't buy one, just in case what we see here is a quality control matter.

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On 10/16/2021 at 9:38 AM, Ade H said:

@nheather Hi Nigel. I have a handle with both features added to my HP-CS. It's the Iwata preset cut away handle, number IWS1556, about £37. But if I had to pick one feature, it's the travel preset, hands down, no contest, 100%! Even though it's great for the problem discussed here, the even bigger value to me is not flooding metal paints any more...


EDIT: Found a link in case it helps anyone. https://www.air-craft.net/acatalog/Iwata-Preset-Cut-OutHandle-IWS-1556.html



I bought one, it arrived today, fits nicely and looks lovely.


I don't regret the purchase one bit but unless I'm missing something, one thing perplexes me.


You can't have preset and cut-away at the same time - is that correct?  Seems obvious now I think about it, but if you have used the preset to limit the trigger travel then the cut away can't be used to flush the airbrush because it can only be pulled back as far as the preset.


So to use the cut-away you have to retract the preset completely out - is that correct?


BTW - I notice that Iwata are doing a special edition of the Eclipse - has side feed, the cut-away preset handle and the crown cap - Iwata Takumi Eclipse - quite expensive though.







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Here are the three airbrushes I currently use
Iwata HP-C Plus
Airbrush HD-470 No.3002 Taiwan
Model Air Brush 116B

The Iwata is for top jobs, the other two are very much for broad brush work.

I too use acrylics and performance varies between brands of paint too. I find Vallejo Model Air usually works best.

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