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Revell Catalina 1:72

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Fresh off the bench Revell 1:72 “new” (2018) Catalina PBY-5A of patrol squadron 61 US Navy Umnak Island Alaska 1943.


The kit although called new on the box is a 1993 academy mini craft kit. It looks pretty decent though with good external detail, the cockpit is terrible fortunately the cockpit windows are so small you can’t really see anything inside so not a big deal. 
If anybody has this in the stash two points of warning. 
1- I took up every bit of space in the nose with lead for the required counterweight in odd small sizes due to hill shape and then had to disguise it from view through the nose turret. 
2- The wing lift struts could do with being 1-2mm longer. I had to weight and stress rig the wing to get it to meet and glue even then one side popped and needed an insert piece. 

Hopefully this helps anybody with the build coming up. 
Now the pics. 






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11 minutes ago, Murewa said:

I see a Catalina, I smile. Nothing else to it, one of my favourites. Lovely model. Would love to make one myself. 

Thank you. I hope mine gave you a big smile then. 

38 minutes ago, Paramedic said:

It´s a cool aircraft, love the variant with wheels. :) Great job mate, thanks for sharing.

Thank you. 


2 hours ago, Flight Line Media said:

Awesome work, Aerotechi!

Thank you. 

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9 hours ago, kapam said:

Beautifully done!


Wasn't aware that Revell was using an Academy tooling for this.

Thanks kapam. I wasn’t aware until I looked it up on scalemates. 

9 hours ago, Pyradus said:

Most excellent!


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1 hour ago, stevehnz said:

Really nice that, I do like the earlier blue grey scheme. I reckon it shows them off better, yours has caught that beautifully. :)


Thanks Steve. I agree. The dark blue just hides the details and the lines. 

12 minutes ago, John_W said:

Very nice.

Mine now sits on a cradle as the nose weight buckled the main undercarriage.

Thanks John. I might put in a small support post/bar to off load the nose gear if you’ve had issues  thanks for the warning. 

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