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How do you renew thickening/drying putty?


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Hello. The question is in the title, but more precisely my problem lies with Mr. Surfacer 500 and Perfect plastic putty. They are less than a year old. Jar/tube always closed after use.

- Mr. Surfacer is thickening and now takes a longer time to fully harden

- PPP is not completely dry but not fluid anymore, It's now behaving like slightly wet sand aggregates.


On the other hand I've got a tube of Vallejo plastic putty and Tamiya White putty that are still behaving as new well after over a year.


Any idea what "thinner" I could use to make these still usable?


Thanks in advance.



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41 minutes ago, Dave Swindell said:

Mr.Color Thinner should sort your Mr. Surfacer  


13 minutes ago, bentwaters81tfw said:

water for PPP


Thanks, I've got Mr. Color levelling thinner. I'll give it a try.

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I find my Surfacer500, which I use as a paint on putty, needs freshening up every few months, I think the solvent is so volatile it evaporates during the short time the bottle is open. On the basis of what it smells like I use cellulose thinners from Wilkinson's and it still seems to have the same characteristics even after several years.


I like PPP on some awkward seams as it's easy to clean up with a cotton bud, but I too find it goes grainy and I bin it and buy a new tube once a year.

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