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F-15 77-0139 was assigned to the F-15 Combined Test Force (CTF) at Edwards AFB for its entire career. Its primary mission was engine testing of various modifications to the P&W F100 and how the engine behaved in the F-15. The F-15 CTF comprised cadre from AF Systems Command, McDonnell-Douglas, Pratt & Whitney, and occasionally, Tactical Air Command. The F-15 CTF was one of several CTFs (A-10, B-1, C-17, etc.) under the 6510th Test Wing of the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards.


The designation of the Systems Command CTF component changed a few times throughout its life. Originally just identified as the AFSC component, in March 1989 it was given the designation 6515th Test Squadron. In October 1989, the new Chief of Staff of the Air Force decreed that all 4-digit unit designations be abolished, and the 6515th became the 415th Flight Test Squadron, assuming the heritage of the 415th Bomb Squadron. The parent wing, the 6510th Test Wing, became the 412th Test Wing.  In 1994, F-15 flight test at Edwards had diminished and the 415th was absorbed into the 445th Test Squadron.


Testing the A/A37 Aerial Gunnery Target System (carried by F-4E 66-0368), 1980

77-0139 F-15 CTF cr


On static display for some VIP visitors, April 1983.

77-0139 f-15ctf AFFFTC KEDW 19830409 12cr


Flying a bombing proficiency mission, July 1984. Most 6510TW aircraft were given "ED" tail codes in early 1984.

77-0139 f-15ctf ED R-2508 19840726 31cr


77-0139 f-15ctf ED R-2508 19840726 06cr


77-0139 6515ts ED R-2508 19840726 06cr


77-0139 f-15ctf AFFTC R-2508 19840726 34cr


77-0139 f-15ctf AFFTC R-2508 19840726 32cr


77-0139 f-15ctf AFFTC R-2508 19840726 17cr


77-0139 F-15ctf ED 19840726 37cr


Testing the new -229 variant of the F100 engine, April 1988. A single -229 was installed in the left engine bay and -100 in the right.

77-0139 f-15 ctf landing rrq


On the F-15 CTF ramp in February 1989.

77-0139 6515ts ED KEDW 19890200 32cr


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Thanks Sven! I really look forward to seeing your fantastic collection of pictures...my favourite jets from my favourite time frame! The F-15 is my all time favourite jet  and posts like these are just nectar!

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