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Aurora Monster reissue Nostalgia fest


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A few companies have been reissuing the old Aurora Monster model kits and in a fit of near terminal nostalgia I have picked up these three, which funnily enough I never actually had as a kid.

Atlantis King Kong,a film best summed up with the immortal review "Big Monkey die, everybody cry"


Atlantis Godzilla


Moebius Dr Jekyll as Mr Hyde


Picked up a few resin replacement parts for Kong and Dr J.




Might need a few fillings in the old gnashers

Couldn't resist having a glow shot of Godzilla.


Build up


Work on Kong, the resin replacements take this kit to another level 


Added a spare Prehistoric scenes Tree from the Swamp kit I had to the base


A fair bit of filling\retexturing  required on Kong.





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Built up a back wall for the Dr J kit,used distressed wrapping paper for the wallpaper as I felt it had a nice Victorian feel to it.







Nearly done with the three kits now. :) 

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Love these old kits! Never made the king kong or jekyl and hyde, but I built and painted the godzilla many moons ago (pretty sure it was when moebius were were doing them).

That wrapping paper wallpaper looks fantastic on and really fits well!

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On 1/14/2022 at 2:48 PM, RACETRACK said:

this is fantastic!  I've just got the Dr Jeckyll. Where can i order the resin head from please?

I got mine from this seller on E-Bay,https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/marks-collectables-and-restorations unfortunately he doesn't appear to have any more in stock ,A company called Escape hatch hobbies based in the states sells them.


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