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Decarli 1/72 Diamond T-52A Trainer

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This is my Decarli Models 1/72 Diamond T-52A, AKA Diamond DA40. This was, until recently when it was replaced by the Cirrus T-53A, the US Air Force Academy Primary trainer. 


The Decarli resin was virtually free of pin holes with the exception of what I would call more bubbles in the wing leading edge which were easily fixed. However the resin surface was a bit rough and needed smoothing. I can't complain about the assembly instructions since there were none. No exploded view, no part list, nothing.  There were detailed decal instructions. There were parts and markings for an Academy T-52A, and a Bangladeshi Army DA40 NG, but only the decal drawings gave any indication of which was which. I had to contact Mr Decarli for info on some of the parts and he was very swift and helpful in replying. The only issue I had was with the vertical tail. As can be seen in this picture*



The tail is the same width as the tail boom, while the part supplied was a 2 dimensional slab. It took a bit of filling and sanding to get it to blend in, but I think it came out well. It is also a tail sitter. I hollowed out the nose as much as possible and filled it with #10 shot. I even drilled out the spinner and added shot, but it still sits on its tail. 


The decals were printed by an ALPS printer on a somewhat thick single film. The instructions say to give them a coat of Microscale decal film to keep them from cracking, but I found this to be not needed. 


In all a quick (8 days) and pleasant build. And here it is. 









Next up is the Hasegawa EA-6B




*This phot is a publicity shot from the Academy from when the plane was first introduced. The older gentleman is 3 star general and the superintendent of the Academy. the younger guy is a Cadet 1 at the Academy. I can't imagine what is going though his head, 😱


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4 hours ago, John_W said:

That's an interesting nosewheel arrangement. I guess it makes the aircraft more stable on the ground and during take off asnd landing

It seems to be common with Diamond and Cirrus and perhaps other aircraft. It broke and was repaired a number of times during construction and I may have it a little forward to help it sit on the nose gear.



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Very nice indeed!

Must be very small in 1/72 and yet that doesn't look to have hindered you in any way.

Always cool to see these less common subjects in this forum.


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22 minutes ago, kapam said:

Must be very small in 1/72 and yet that doesn't look to have hindered you in any way.

It is actually not that small. With a wingspan of almost 40' is sized out to 6.5", Bigger then many WW I fighters. But at only 5'3" miself I like small things :)



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