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1/48 Airfix Meteor FR.9

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Hello all


I pulled this one from the shelf of doom where it been sitting for over 12 months. It must be the first 1/48 aircraft I've built for over 5 years and a despite a few tricky areas around the nose fitment it was a thoroughly enjoyable build. I tend to favour 1/72 and 1/144 aircraft models but boy do the larger scales have more impact when completed! I just find that handling for painting and storage can be a little tricky at times. Anyway here she is. Built completely OOB, with paints from Tamiya and Vallejo. W&N matt varnish to finish off. Little bit annoyed with the decal film on the underwing serials which despite much microsol failed to disappear!

Thanks for looking comments always much appreciated (good or bad... haha!) 



































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Looking Nice is all i know. I don't know anything about aircrafts but enjoy looking at them  😃 .... Bought a few over the years but yet to muster courage to really build one......

Crisp and Clean build. I like it. 👍


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12 minutes ago, Doc72 said:

Fantastic work!

I very much like this short-lived camouflage scheme (Light Slate Grey, Medium Sea Grey and PRU Blue, isn`t it?) What paints did you use for these colors?

Thanks very much!

I used the following acrylics......

Tamiya XF83 for the Medium Sea Grey Vallejo Model Color 70.886 (101) for the light slate grey

Vallejo model air 71.109 for the PRU blue.


Hope that helps 👍

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