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Chipmunk T10 in Army colours (Airfix 1:48 scale)


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I haven’t made an aircraft kit since last Christmas and my local hobby shop has a pile of these in stock, so thought I would have a go.




Sprue shots:





Looks like just the right amount of 

complexity that I can handle at the moment - reasonably detailed but not too complicated.


Transparencies still all wrapped up.




A rather busy decal sheet - although I’m going to do the Army one, so not so many of the little stencils to be done for that one.




Here is the one I am going to do - Middle Wallop was just a short distance from where we lived (for multiple postings) when Dad was in the Army.



Started work on the cockpit straight away. This is going to be a straight out of the box job. All went together very nicely. 



Then paint, a couple of coats of Tamiya XF69 NATO Black were brushed on, followed by some dry brushing with a light grey acrylic. A wash with Army Painter Dark Tone wash, and the finished with a coat of Italeri clear flat. I used a few dots of Tamiya X22 gloss clear for the instrument dials. 



While the paint was drying I had a go at the canopy - which has me a little anxious. Airfix provide a little jig to align everything. It’s a bit fiddly, but I took it slowly, using very careful application of Tamiya Extra Thin Cement, and it looks like it’s worked ok. Couple of tiny gaps that some PVA will fix.



That’s it for today, so far it’s a good start. 

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Progress this weekend. After adding some masking tape seat belts, painted dark grey, it was time to seal up the fuselage - which was pretty easy. Also in shot is the under side of the wing. I’ve glued some aluminium foil to the backside of the underwing light to give an impression of the lamp.





Once the glue had dried only needed a little sanding of the seams and then I fitted the lower wing. This needed a bit of fettling to fit correctly. I ended up removing the little “tags” on the wing and it fitted fine. Then on with the top of the wings. Again I needed to remove the pins to make everything line up ok - not sure whether it’s my ineptitude, but it looks ok. I’ve made a start on painting the wheels - Tamiya XF16 flat aluminium for the hubs and Vallejo Panzer Aces Dark Rubber for the tires. 




That’s it for the weekend.


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