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Hungarian infantry 1/72


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For some reason, don't ask me why, I am keen on creating Hungarian dioramas in 1/72. 


Hungary was a major ally of the Germans in WW2 and fought with them to the end, they were a major force on the Eastern Front.


Now, Hungarian vehicles are hard to get but they are available. 


Figures, not so. There are the Strelets figures but they do not suit me. 'Hunor product' did produce some ok figures but they are hard to get.


I have created a company from Airfix Germans (both WW1 and WW2), Revell Germans, and some Arfix Afrika Korps - the results are ok - from a distance.


Thinking of using some Revell Afrika Korp and even some WW1 Hungarian Honved to widen it out.


Has anyone ever come up with better solutions?


I notice a good Hungarian range at 1/56 but I am not going to change now.





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Have you tried emailing Hunor directly about their figures, their email is listed here:



Martola online shop in Poland (I've had no problems ordering from them), do list their vehicles, but will probably be a delay of several weeks as they order them for you.


One listing at Scalemates not mentioned is D-Day Studios, but just have the one set:




Other than that, only other option is to continue converting other nationalities figures.   Their khaki uniform dates back to 1922, and both German style helmets of 1915 and 1935 were utilized.   






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Looks like you might be sorted now but I was going to ask whether you have looked into 20mm wargaming figures rather than the usual modelling sources.  For example I did a very brief search and found these




Just looked at Elheim miniatures, they look very good - I know what you mean about wargaming figures looking cartoony - they are often quite chunky (often referred to as ‘heroic’ sculpt) - I think much of this is to make them more robust for moving about the table, true scale features would soon get broken off.




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