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SAAB Sk37E Viggen, 1/48th scale Special Hobby

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7 hours ago, Gary Brantley said:


I agree with the compliments on the paintwork.  It is superb, and I appreciate your answer above too.  The zinc chromate you refer to is the yellow shade, correct?  And it is post-sprayed to blend the different camo colors?   Your technique produces very realistic results Aigore!   :thumbsup:


Yes, it is a yellow with a green tint used for priming, think it's actually a mix of yellow and black in real life :)


7 hours ago, Jos Jansen said:

Extraordinary build mate, what a stunner...beautiful paint work!




Thank you Jos :)


6 hours ago, Roberto said:

Stunning work on an iconic subject!


Thanks Roberto :)



5 hours ago, Baldy said:

A really nicely built and finished Jan - Love it. I like you advice about Chromate Yellow - I will look at that myself in the future. Love the Viggen and we miss it at airshows here in the UK. I would love a Viggen in my collection - how was the Special Hobby kit to build?


If I build one I will probably finish mine in a grey scheme - way less masking!







Thanks Malcolm :D

remember it's zinc chromate....not chromatic yellow :P


the splinter isn't that bad with the ready cut masks :)

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5 hours ago, Stephen said:

Absolutely superb, a stunning build.


Thank you Stephen :D


2 hours ago, Matt Crane said:

Absolutely beautiful!


Thanks Matt :D


2 hours ago, Paramedic said:

It´s just lovely.. :)


Thanks, it's a Viggen....of course it's lovely :P


1 hour ago, binbrook87 said:

Phenomenal build, paintwork, weathering.... absolutely stunning. One of the best Viggen models I've seen 👍👍👍👍

Thank you :D I seem to build lots of them lately :P

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14 hours ago, jrfischer317 said:

Great build!

Thanks :D



3 hours ago, dashellis said:

Absolutely stunning the finish on the Camo is fantastic, very nice model



Thanks Darren :D

it is really fun to weather it :D

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19 hours ago, Kitchen Modeller said:

Easily one of the best Viggens I've seen - it's a beautiful aircraft and you've really done it justice here - beautiful paint and weathering - did you have many issues with the kit? I've heard mixed reports. 

Thanks :D

Ah well, it is not a kit that falls together by itself and even if there is a correction sprue for the most glaring faults it still has issues. Be prepared to use putty and sandings and keep an eye on the refs!

I sometimes wonder how a Tamiya take on Viggen in 1/48th scale would have looked.......deeeeeeeeep sigh

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