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P-51D Mustang 1/72 Airfix

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Hello Libor,

Excelent and awesome build :clap:. I am still two or three steps behind you, because I actually have running order with two DKdecals Mustang sheets. 😀 Just planed to do the Tamiya kit, but looking at your build I am not sure which kit is better. I see the main difference is in downed flaps and..? Do you have any hint?

I have one more question to drop tanks. I only found the 165gal in some kits like P-47 or P-38. But does anybody know where to get 110 galons tanks please ? 


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Hi David, both are very good, but IMHO, I rate Tamiya higher thanks to better moulding technology, and also some smaller details are sharper. Btw, on this build I replaced the landing gear and wheels with those from Tamiya kit.




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Libor…………you and Roman Schilhart continue to amaze me with your outstanding works of art.  Precision assembly along with an attention to detail that is second to none, results in inspirational subjects such as this Mustang.  


I stand in awe :worthy:



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