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1/12 Ford GT 40 (remodelled)


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It is, I bought it as the magnifier kit but its the original trumpeter kit reboxed.

I have it stripped (now just have to strip the paint off)

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Oh, that's cool! Scifi elements could actually suit the GT40 well, it's a pretty retrofuturistic body shape, after all. I wouldn't go too crazy with the body colour, maybe some adapted version of some real racing livery?


Scifi vehicles loosely based on real ones are generally a cool concept, Space battleship Yamato is one of my favourite designs!

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Hi all back on this, ive decided which way im going, lots to do yet but I hope you can see where it's going.

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Hi all, so what happened here.

Both parts were painted at the same time, with the same primer and the same top coat, I decided to give them a second coat and this happened 


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That’s a shame, Ken. Apparently the paint layers react unfavourably with each other, but weird that one part is ok and the other not.

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You read my mind John, I was wondering whether to query the installation of the flux capacitor but you got there first!


I'm not sure about this one - at first I thought "NO! Sacrilege!" as I'm inordinately fond of the GT40 shape, but seeing what's going on with it is fascinating, wonderfully creative and makes me smile too.  I can't wait to see how it ends up...

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22 hours ago, Pete in Lincs said:

The force is strong with this one.


21 hours ago, John_W said:

Looks more like Doc Brown got his hands on it...


They were the themes I thought I could see developing, I was just about to say so and there you two were already! 😆

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Posted (edited)

I’m fond of all three ( the gt40, Star Wars and Bttf)

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