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Miles M-35 Libellula

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Named after a genus of dragonflies, this prototype aircraft was built and tested by Miles Aircraft in 1942 as a private venture design for a carrier-based aircraft. The odd design was a response to the requirement for an unrestricted view of the carrier deck. Apparently handling was initially terrible until CoG problems were overcome. 

More on this design here, if anyone is interested: 



The kit is resin, with metal undercarriage legs and a vac-form canopy (two of which are provided, in case of cutting issues I assume!) Despite being resin, it was a fairly straightforward build, apart from getting the yellow to look reasonable. I did add nose weight too, but I’m not actually sure if that was needed or not. 

This one is a build for a client, so here are a few photos before I post it off to them.









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I never knew this ever existed.  After your brief description, the weird design makes sense.  For something so “ugly”, you made it look very good. :goodjob:



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This is excellent, good to see such an unusual subject.  I don't think I have ever seen this built in any scale.  After seeing I think I need to get over my fear and tackle a resin kit.

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Awesome build dude! Man, there were definitely some pretty wacky crazy designs out there in the early war. 


The Wendover is one of my favourites. Ed Nash did a good little video on it, very similar in design with the forward wing and twin boom rear.






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