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Collect-Aire 1/48 YF2Y-1 Sea Dart Anyone up for Jet Skiing? FINISHED!

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All I did was sand down the pits as smooth as I could then used some 3M white glazing compound. It dries fast and feathers out real nice. A 400g tube lasts me a long time which is good because its about $25US. 

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After letting the paint job dry, I noticed a few errors and one area I over masked that should have been painted.

And since I am rather klutzy in doing redos(like getting overspray where I shouldn't) I masked the areas to be redone then cut up a plastic shopping bag (yes we do still have these in the states. They can be quite useful at times) to seal the larger areas. 

I also masked around the cockpit area so it could get a coat of paint as well. 



Mostly what needed redoing was the marker squares on the upper wings. 

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After the touch-ups I added the engine nozzles and the tail piece.



Painted with a mixture of Alcald Duraluminum, highlighted with Drk Aluminum the a light misting of MM Burnt metal


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After the cockpit dried I added the new control panels and bang seat I printed out earlier.

The only addition to the bang seat I took some fine weave polishing cloth , folded and painted Olive drab for the seat cushion.


I still have the seat harness to add.



The light is starting to appear at the end of this long tunnel. The only thing left to add is the canopy , the skid assembly and the decals. The trailer is still giving me fits and may be sent to the waste bin.  its mostly very soft white metal and even with some strengthening that I've added, I doubt it will be able to support the weight of the model. but we'll examine that tomorrow. So stay tuned to the final chapter of this funky build.

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Here we go the final installment of this little wet and wild build.

The dolly for the Sea Dart being white metal isn't the most stable or subatasial part of this kit. in fact the long braces bent so bad the were almost in knots. So I cut them loose and glued  brass rod to make them more solid. 


51788263696_ea6123860f_c.jpg Once they dried and Set(finally) I painted them up and finished weathering the tug.

Next added the gear legs fore and aft.




I added Brake lines made from silver wire to the struts


Then the skis


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Time to add the decals, then added the nose Pitot tube, struts for the canopy and the the canopy itself. The canopy used flat clear blanks for the glass then I added thin flat stock for additional framing.


The bang seat got its harness added from some spare P/E.



Nearly forgot to make new Vertical Stabilizer pitot tubes. These had snapped off early in the build.


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And so I call this final build for 2021 done, Stick a fork in it. The build itself wasn't all that hard. The hardest part was masking off the striping. Especially the "spiderweb" pattern over the intakes. All that ended up being done 3-4 times before it got to a place I was happy with.. But no matter, Thanks everyone for following along this foray into a unique chapter in flight test of the 50's. All the comments and suggestions and general ribaldry were very appreciated. I post more complete pic in the RFI after bit. 

So take care everyone, have a safe and sane New Years( except @corsaircorp who I know will party  with the best of them an maybe just blow something up to bring the new years in with a bang good and proper.) Until next time Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Model On!:pilot:

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  • LorenSharp changed the title to Collect-Aire 1/48 YF2Y-1 Sea Dart Anyone up for Jet Skiing? FINISHED!
23 minutes ago, corsaircorp said:

Happy new year to you and yours Loren !!

Me ??:violin::violin: Blowing things ??? :bomb::bomb:

Seriously ???


I know perish the thought, Must be some tall tale loose mouth people like to tell😝 Happy New Year Mon Ami !

2 minutes ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Happy New Years Loren from the other Corsair. 

And to you Sir!

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17 minutes ago, Serkan Sen said:

I don't know how I missed this build, but the result is awesome Loren.


Thanks Serkan, Well you have been in the "black file" world of late and certain very fast black jets.😎 Glad you liked it.

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