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Pe-2 'Peshka' 1/72

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Greetings folks,

 A quick built of Pe-2 'Peshka' 1/72 in Czechoslovakian Air Force colors during the weekend, overall the kit was great some minor fit issues and some confusing instruction but overall a fun kit to built. The Zvezda tooling but reboxed by Mistercraft with great decals options but the decals aren't that great. Anyway here it is.








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21 minutes ago, 28ZComeback said:

Love the gray colors. Which product and shade did you use??  Weathering is superb.

Thank you, @28ZComeback Mostly I use Tamiya's paint, however, my luck is bit out during is pandemic so I use local paint mixed with Tamiya, I do modulations by adding different colors and just paint it when you find the one that one eyes please. 

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Very cool. I like the delicate work you did with the aerials, and that intense sky blue color that the Eastern Bloc used on aircraft undersides. Overall an excellent Pe-2, Petlyakov and Myasischev would be proud!

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I've seen it now on a decent sized monitor, it looks even better. As I understand it, this is Zvezda's older Pe-2 reboxed by Mistercraft, which make the job you've pulled off on this even more praise worthy. 👍


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