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Ikonos Press publications from Spain


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Found them by pure coincidence one month ago, while searching for some references for my recent Vickers Vincent build. Never heard about them before, so decided to share the info with you. Have a look here please: http://fuerzasmilitares.es/. Ships, armed vehicles, and of course airplanes. I test-ordered two of the booklets and I like them. A5 format, 32 pages, lot of photographs, some color profiles and tables. Reasonable price, reasonable postage. I cannot comment on the text yet, as Spanish is not that easy reading for me.


The only drawback I had - ordered on the 28th of August (Saturday). It was posted instantly, the Madrid mail stamp on the envelope was from the 30th (of the same month). Received yesterday. Madrid to my place - 2190 km by foot (says Google). 31 days = 70 km daily. Too much by foot I guess, but in horse saddle in leisurely pace?😀



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One year later, I made another order from Spain. If you expected, as naively as I did, that Spanish publication on Spanish Fury would unearth some kind of hitherto unknown photographic material, you would be disappointed. It seems like the Republicans were either not that much eager about making photos, or the material was lost, because most of the pictures were taken either still in Britain, or later by the Nationalists. In this matter, the booklets on Brisfit and Scarab, both in action during the Moroccan Rif War, are far more interesting.



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