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1/144 Aerocaribbean Cargo Il-18D


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Eastern Express kit finished off in the markings of Aerocaribbean - a Cuban Airline that was formed in 1982, and eventually ended its days in 2015 by being merged into Cubana. 


I  did buy a set of 8a decs for the model, but they seemed a bit too short for the kit, and when I compared them to photos of the real aircraft, there didn't seem to be enough definition between the fuselage colours. Only one thing to do - make my own :




The kit wasn't the easiest to build and I had a lot of trouble with the propellers and the outboard engines - not nice.


Standard walkaround shots :







Time to fire up the Ivchenkos and head back to Havanna - Adios





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That's just stunning Mike - love the spinning props!


You've really caught the character - I always think there is something faintly sinister about the IL-18 even in that beautiful, fun livery.


Have a big round of :clap2:


Dave G


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Brilliant!  Great looking IL-18 Mike, and an excellent job on making the decals. I love that first picture will all 4 props turning.





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Superb build all around on a quite difficult kit and livery.

I saw those decals too on the 8a website and was very fond of this livery.

It must have been probably the most colorful IL-18 ever to grace the skies.👏👏👏👏

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